Mission ICU Talk Show

Everybody is talking about the cause and the way Indian healthcare systems are seeing a wave change.

Mission ICU - Talk Show

Mission ICU has initiated a Talk Show to reach the world spreading awareness of our cause. The talk show has eminent personalities from the Social industries taking about various ‘reach out’ programs and CSR initiatives. 

Our first guest is Dr. Ashish Mendhi, Program Director at SAMRIDH Blended Finance. Watch this episode to learn about the role of financial management and blended finance in social impact.

A conversation on the importance of leveraging partnerships with Punit Agarwal, Volunteer at Crypto Relief.

A conversation with CSR leaders, Juhi Sinha and Jignyasa Kurlapkar, about the Role of CSR in Social Impact.

In this episode with team OxyCar, we discuss the importance of cost-effective solutions for healthcare in rural India.

OxyCar is an upcoming start-up born during the pandemic, which can convert any vehicle into an ambulance with the help of a curated kit that costs only INR 10,000.

Featuring Amogh Mamadapur, Chief Manager at SELCO India. He will share thoughts about clean energy in the development of healthcare in rural India. This episode also features Sriya Donepudi, a young social entrepreneur who was recently awarded the Diana Award. 

The CSR funds and public-private partnerships helped address emergency needs. To build a sustainable society and look at challenges beyond pandemic, what are the key steps we need to take? How do we redefine the impact strategy for the social good?

In conversation with Parthasarathi Changdar, CSR lead at AkzoNobel, with 16 years of experience in the CSR space. Today’s chat revolve around the pros and cons of Telemedicine, a controversial topic that has garnered both praise and criticism for its potential for change in rural settings.

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