Adopt your hometown or sponsor 10 Bed ICU Unit

We have funded 20 Hospitals with 200 ICU Beds in 9 States with an outlay of about 1.20 million USD.

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Our mission is spread across India touching every small town and villages of India. 







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Giving back to the society is the only way to touching lives. Save millions of life by choosing the Donation Plan based suitable for you to support as individual or as group of family and/or friends.



A basic setup of a hospital’s ICU unit should be 10 ICU Beds. A Ten Beds Unit is a cost-efficient setup with shared equipment. 



A donor can sponsor a Town / Village comprising multiple hospitals. You can adopt a hometown along with friends and family.  



An ICU Beds Unit Sponsorship (donation) process is covered in SIX steps. A 10 Bed ICU Setup would take an estimated 45 - 60 days to complete from fund sanctioning.


1. Donation Type

Decide how you want to contribute to rural India’s healthcare revolution. Choose between 10 ICU Beds Unit or Adopt your home town. Select the type of donation that resonates with you and become a part of our mission to deliver hope and care.


2. Plan with us

Connect with our team to outline your vision for the donation. We’ll discuss how your contribution will be implemented, aligning your goals with our operational plans. Together, we’ll plan a strategy that ensures your donation makes the deepest impact where it’s most needed.

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3. Process Donation

Once you’ve decided to sponsor ICU beds, it’s time to act. Your funds are sanctioned and channeled into a transparent and accountable process, setting the wheels in motion to transform lives in rural hospitals that await this beacon of hope.

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4. Execution

Watch as your donation turns into action. We place orders for high-quality medical equipment and prepare for the installation. This step is where your generosity begins its journey from a pledge to a tangible reality, providing critical care capacity to those in need.

Hospital beds in a hospital room

5. Implementation

Implementation is where dreams take shape. Over the next 45-60 days, we oversee the installation of the ICU beds, ensuring each unit is equipped and ready to serve. This phase is critical, involving meticulous coordination to meet our standards of care.

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6. Impact Reports

As the final step, you’ll receive comprehensive impact reports detailing how your donation is saving lives. These reports offer a transparent view of the outcomes and the lives touched by your generosity, closing the loop from sponsorship to life-saving impact.

Impact Report Dashboard

Post Implementation of the ICU Bed Units we track the Impact value delivered by each ICU Unit. Hospital staff and our field team members work together in compiling this report every month.

Our responsibility does not end at implanting ICU bed units. After completion of installing the units in a hospital we keep track of its impact data. We collect ICU service data from beneficiary hospitals about the number of patients treated. We get data on patient’s profile viz. age, gender, illness treated etc.

This data can be seen by all Donors and Associates as an Impact dashboard on our website.



Choose the Donation Plan best suited for your giving back to society. We look forward to connect with you and work together on initiating this relationship.



$ 62,500 10 ICU Beds
  • 10 ICU Beds
  • 03 Ventilators
  • 05 - 5 Para Monitors
  • 02 Bipaps
  • 02 Syringe pump
  • 02 Infusion pump
  • ICU accessories


$ 300,000 50 ICU Beds
  • 50 ICU Beds
  • 15 Ventilators
  • 25 - 5 Para Monitors
  • 10 Bipaps
  • 10 Syringe pump
  • 10 Infusion pump
  • ICU accessories

Donors Speak


We would like to thank all the Donor's who have been so generous in supporting this cause. Every ICU Unit funded by the donors will save lives and collect blessings throughout the lifetime of the Bed. 

Mission ICU comes across as one of the initiatives which really meets the leverage objectives of SAMRIDH support by bringing together so many partners and donors together, including donors, technical experts, hospitals all of them driving towards a common goal; that is something very praise worthy for this initiative. At a larger level , the most impactful part of this initiative is conducting mapping at the hospitals and their facilities specially in tier 2, tier 3 cities to understand the infrastructure gap and address it accordingly. Vulnerable population is at the heart of their intervention and it helps them create a strong case of responsible investment.

Ritika Pandey SAMRIDH, IPE Global

“Mission ICU has been at the forefront of improving the critical healthcare infrastructure in the remotest parts of India. I must congratulate the team on completing installation of the new 10-ICU Beds facility in Tamenglong, Manipur -the 11th facility they have installed. Mission ICU’s efforts are aligned with Kantar’s vision of improving the lives of those without access to life-saving healthcare. We are proud to be associated with Mission ICU’s commendable work and wish the team success in their endeavors.”

Preeti Reddy KANTAR - Chairwoman- Insights Division, South Asia

Many congrats to the entire Mission ICU team and all partners on reaching this important milestone. We at SAMRIDH, IPE Global have been fortunate to be part of this journey and look forward to continuing this partnership. Congrats again and we are committed to support in any manner possible for the 1000 bed milestone!

Amanjit Singh SAMRIDH, IPE Global

Mission ICU is a gift from India to the rest of the world. We immediately saw it as an idea whose time had come. The need of the hour. It was brilliant in concept – helping India solve its immediate healthcare crisis, of insufficient ICU beds, a problem more severe in smaller Tier 2 cities.. We did not hesitate to fund the first 10 ICU beds of Mission ICU in Tumkur, a small town outside Bangalore. It is civil society leading the way and solving what is viewed as an intractable challenge – improving India’s healthcare system. Kudos to the Mission ICU team for giving us the idea and the blueprint. From all of us at Arogya World, and the global health community, thank you.

Nalini Saligram Founder & CEO, Arogya World

Through Crypto Relief, I had an opportunity to work with diverse partners in the social sector. Among them Mission ICU has been one of the fastest implementation partners working into the critical care space which is not only addressing the current critics but also strengthening rural healthcare to address future emergencies.I am sure that Mission ICU will continue scaling its impact with their continuous effort to reach the last mile across rural India.

Punit Agarwal Ex-CEO, Crypto Relief

Let's Save Lives. Together.

Every Bed Saves 1000+ lives every month and would continue to do so throughout its lifetime.


Based on our past interactions with Donors we have found these top FAQs to assist your queries. Incase you don't find what you seek please feel to write to us on

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Your donation directly contributes to the installation and operation of ICU beds in rural areas, providing critical care access to those in need.

While general donations are allocated where the need is greatest, you can specify a preference for your donation to support a particular district or state.

Yes, donations to Mission ICU are tax-deductible. We advise consulting with your tax advisor for specifics based on your location.

Mission ICU is committed to transparency. We provide regular reports detailing how donations are used, including the impact your contribution makes.

We conduct quarterly audits, provide regular maintenance, and work closely with local healthcare providers to ensure sustainability.

Impact is measured through patient outcomes, utilization rates, and community feedback to ensure our interventions are effective and meaningful.

Mission ICU has been at the forefront of building critical care infrastructure in rural India since 2021.

Absolutely. Donors are provided with regular updates and reports detailing the use and impact of their donations.

We provide a range of critical care equipment including ventilators, monitors, beds, and other necessary ICU infrastructure.

Yes, part of our mission includes providing comprehensive training to medical staff to ensure high-quality care is delivered.

For more information, please reach out to us via the contact form on our website or email us directly at

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