Mission ICU Student Fellowship

A final year student at SNS College of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering, Akshara V B is fond of pencil sketching and other creative work in her field. She describes herself as a dedicated and hardworking individual.
Growing up in an environment where her late father was a stroke patient with hemiplegia paralysis victim, Akshara wishes to learn more about technology and medicine to enhance treatment.
Bindurekha Nag
Bindurekha Nag, a third-year medical student from AIIMS Bhubaneshwar, finds herself in this profession not only because of her interest in this subject but also because of her strong desire to make difference in the lives of people who can't afford sophisticated health care and treatment. Her hobbies include singing, reading novels and painting.
HV Sparsha
H V Sparsha, a second-year MBBS student from M S Ramaiah Medical College, is passionate about singing, painting, photography, cooking and travelling. She likes to read novels, watch documentaries, make reels, and spend time with her pets in her free time.
Being passionate about Biology and being inspired by her father, made her pick medical as her career field.
Harish Sharma
A second-year MBBS student at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Harish Sharma is an extroverted individual who is a highly curious and observant person. In his free time, he finds himself cooking, reading, trekking and binge-watching web series.
Right from childhood, Harish saw doctors around addressing and relieving the pain of everyone around them; somewhere in those growing years, that inspired him and hence decided the medical profession.
Komal Shinde
Komal Shinde has recently graduated from the Gahlot Institute of Pharmacy after completing her Bachelor in Pharmacy.
She is passionate about music and reading and likes to express her feelings by writing poems
Netra Bhoot
An individual who recognises herself as a global health advocate who aspires to behold the world attaining health equity, Netra Bhoot is a second-year MBBS student at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. Ever since she was a kid, she has desired to work for the community; and this thought is what inspired her to pursue medicine.
Netra enjoys drawing, dancing and public speaking.
Pratiksha Gupta
Pratiksha Gupta is currently in her second year, pursuing Masters in Public Health from Amity University. Going above and beyond whenever required is her motto in life and her interest include painting and creating miniatures from waste.
She finds herself in this field because she likes to help people around her and she aims to open an NGO for labour children and do research in some areas
Priya Bharanikumar
Dr Priyanka Bharanikumar is currently a house surgeon at Sri Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Science, Bangalore. She love spending her time reading novels listening to music and riding on my motorcycle. She has seen closely the life of cancer patients and survivors and She understands the lethality of Oral Cancer so developed an interest in the cell level, Oncology is her area of interest and she is currently pursuing it as profession.
Rajat Sharma
Rajat finished his Medical graduation (MBBS) from Rabindranath Tagore Medical College Udaipur in the year 2022. He always had that humanitarian touch with medicine, His Hobbies include playing volleyball and He also has interest in playing violin. He best describes himself as- Jack of all trades, master of none.
Rohan Singhal
Rohan Singhal is currently a 3rd year MBBS Student at RML Hospital, New Delhi
He takes a lot of interest in filmmaking and watch a lot of arthouse and foreign cinema. He also plays electric guitar and is into rock and jazz music (like radiohead, pinkfloyd, tame impala etc.)
He always had a fascination with the inner workings of the human body which in time developed into a desire to pursue his career in medicine.
He is resourceful, creative and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face a challenge.
Sanchit Sharma
An ambitious and empathetic individual, Sanchit Sharma is a third-year MBBS student from Dr Radhakrishnan Government Medical College. He picked this profession because he has always been extremely fascinated by the human body. Sanchit is a big-time pop culture fan, so in his free time, he checks out movies and shows and finds himself trying new food dishes.
Sanjali Pramanik
Currently, in her second year of pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) from Ahmedabad University, Sanjali Pramanik aims to do her Masters in the field of Biomedical Engineering because she wants to get involved in building novel medical devices, research on nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for therapeutics and diagnostics, and overall be a primary source in terms of betterment of the healthcare sector across the world.
She likes to indulge herself in reading research papers, watching educational videos on politics, geography, history etc., dancing, listening to music and writing poems, short stories and articles.
Sharanya Sreepad
Sharanya is a Dentist from Bangalore, who is passionate about volunteering with NGOs and has so far worked with over 20 organizations in various positions as a content writer, HR executive, Research and policy assistant, Editor, Developmental journalist, Media content research assistant and many more. She believes that it is our duty to do good and be good and wants to work to make this world a kinder place.
Shreya Sharma
Currently pursuing her final year of MBBS from Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Shreya Sharma decided to be a doctor purely for the love of the subject. She likes to engage in public speaking, reading and playing badminton. She is an absolute animal lover and enjoys fostering stray animals around her.
Shreya believes in taking the plunge and facing life head-on.
Sneha Reddy P
A second-year MBBS student from M S Ramaiah Medical College, Sneha Reddy, is passionate about painting, reading, watching movies & series, trekking and listening to music. A few of her favorite artists are the Beatles, Abba and Guns N’ Roses.
Coming from a family of engineers, it’s always been a dream of hers to do something out of the ordinary and realized medicine would be challenging, so she put all of her resolutions to test. Nonetheless, Sneha feels the idea of serving society is extremely noble
Vadehi Pathak
Vaidehi Pathak, who always wanted to do something for humankind and the human body system has intrigued her since childhood and hence decided to pursue physiotherapy. She is a recent graduate from CMF's College of Physiotherapy.
In her spare time, Vaidehi enjoys singing, painting and reading. She is a big foodie and not only does she love to explore different food places but also tries to cook different food cuisines from around the world.